Poker Tips

Here are some poker tips recommended by professional poker players that will help you to refine your poker skills to play Texas Hold’em.

Playing too many hands
Most novice poker players tend to play way too many starting hands. Top players typically recommend that you play between 20%-30% of your starting hands and concentrate on higher value starting hands.

You should know when to hold-em or to fold-em
No matter how good a player you are, you must know how to fold when you are down. Many beginners keep betting regardless of what the external factors suggest. Top players frequently say it’s the hands you can lay down that are often the key to profitable play.

Choose opponents that are less skilled in the game than you are
If you want to earn some money, playing with players less skilled than you are might come in handy. Play at betting limits where you can beat the majority of the players and move down the limits if you are facing difficulties winning.

Observe your opponents
Make prudent observations on how they bet, what position they are betting at, any tell tale signs they exhibit. Observing and learning your opponents’ habits is a key aspect in winning at poker.

Betting to gain knowledge
Besides betting when you have a good hand, top players betting techniques to try and gain information. For example, a defensive bet is one that you can use early on to avoid calling a bigger future bet.

Learning how to bluff
Learning how to bluff at the right times and against the right players is essential. A bluff can be very effective when used occasionally, and where there is low risk of being called by your opponent.

Changing habits
Being predictable can ruin you. It is essential to change your game play, strategy and betting system. It will make you unpredictable and hard to figure out. These changes should be subtle and shouldn’t dramatically affect the flop rate.

Understanding player position and its importance
It is important to play strong hands and understanding the position you play them. For example, the ideal position is the Button (the Dealer), as you are last to act, and have the advantage of watching all of the betting action before you need to make a decision.

Internet poker
One can increase their poker skill by internet poker as it allows you to develop a vast body of information to help you improve even your live game skills.

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