How to Be a Texas Hold ‘Em Master

Learn how to play texas holdem and get the basics and fundamentals. Nine players sit at one table to play Texas Holdem. Each seat at the table has a number.

The seat to the left of the dealer is seat one. When you have a choice where to sit, choose the seat that you are most comfortable in. Some people do this based on what position they like to be in relation to the dealer and others choose their seat based on where they receive the best view of the cards.

Know your hand rankings prior to sitting down at the table. Figure out ways to remember that a Full House beats a Flush; my trick is that I remind myself that Full House comes after Flush alphabetically – the later, the better.

Always keep in mind that your hand in beatable. You may start off with a strong hand pre-flop, but after the flop, it is possible that your hand is not as good anymore. Some of Poker is definitely luck to get bonus, but a majority of it is skill. It is quite possible to bluff people out of their hands, but keep in mind – you may be the one getting bluffed or you may have the losing hand.

There’s a great quote in the movie, Rounders, “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour you’re at the table, you are the sucker.” Don’t play hands that you strongly feel you’re beat with. Some players like to be aggressive at the table so when you raise and they re-raise, think about what you’re holding.

Do you think you truly have the best hand, do you think the player is bluffing or do you think you’re beat? When you think you’re beat, fold the cards.

Losing some money in the pot is better than losing your entire stack. If you’re trying to be the aggressive player at the table and you truly feel you have the best hand, don’t be afraid to go all-in. It’s a great feeling to push in an entire stack of chips and see them come back your way when you are sure you made the best play.

You need to go into the hands knowing it is possible to be beat. Also, if you lose a good portion of money in one pot, don’t play on tilt. Normally, playing on tilt does not benefit the player – you will get more callers than you wanted because people see a small chip stack and want to take all of your money. Remember – there are no friends at the felt. Poker is not a personal attack on you; it’s playing the cards how they fall.

As with most gambling adventures, keep a strict budget in mind. Don’t bring more money with you to the table than what you are willing to lose.

Making trips to the ATM’s or borrowing from friends may not be the best thing for you to do after you’ve all ready lost the money you were willing to lose. Besides, if you’ve lost that much all ready – obviously the cards and the tables aren’t working for you today.

Don’t be too proud to walk away. Also, know what the chip denominations and blinds are the second you sit down at the table. Getting involved in higher amount games than you are comfortable with will definitely alter your game.

Don’t talk about the hands in play while sitting at the table. You are not permitted to talk about hand rankings while there is a live game happening and you should not talk about the possible outs or percentages that the board had laid out. You should not do anything to disrupt the table or change the players’ ways of thinking.

They need to make their own mistakes so they can learn how to be masterful themselves! And, while talking about mistakes – you should not joke around by saying all-in or call if you do not intend to do so. Many casinos and online casinos are strict with their rules on this and when all-in is said, it needs to be followed through.

Don’t throw your cards across the table; flip them over on the table in front of you when you need to show dealers and opponents. Throwing the cards across the table may result in a muck by the dealer when that is not what you intended at all.

In addition to some other don’ts – don’t answer your cell phone when you’re in a hand, don’t smoke at the table (most places do not allow it and don’t abuse or harass the dealer.

The possibility of winning large amounts of money in an online casino is high, due to countless human opponents, whos gaming performance isn’t quite as good as they think. Winning is therefore almost inevitable.

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