Looking for a Mac Poker Site

Why can’t we all just get along? Dogs and cats playing together; Democrats and Republicans working together; Bill Gates and Steve Jobs creating true compatibility; it isn’t going to happen, is it? Well, no worries to those of you who prefer Mac computers.

For so many of you that choose to use Mac because you build, create, and make things, let’s face it, Mac is just better, is it not? Regardless of the never ending argument, the world is reaching a state of Internet poker bliss! Yes, it’s true.

What was a monster of a problem for Mac users less than a year ago is changing so rapidly that by the time you’ve found this article, this question may hold no relevance at all: Where does one go to find a good Mac poker room?

For starters, consider this: All the top Internet poker rooms are identifying the need of potential customers and working rapidly to offer their services to all major computer operating systems.

PC, Mac, Linux; the love from these money making organizations is there, it just may take some time to spread it. In the meantime, let’s break down some compatibility issues and list some good Mac poker sites.

To kick off the search, try checking out Pokerlistings.com. With a quick site search, you’ll more than likely find the information you need to make your search productive and worthwhile.

You may want to consider what your specific needs are in regards to poker play. If you simply want to drop by and get in the action, you’ll find you have more options if playing with a Mac.

On the other hand, if you are hoping to download the software, unfortunately and once again, you may feel like you’re being picked on for using a Mac. Regardless, check out these sites for some downloadable Macintosh love:

Pacific Poker HollywoodPoker.com, EuroPoker.com and HoldemPoker.com are all examples of sites that will offer a download compatible with your Macintosh operating system.

Let’s give these fine poker sites a pat on the back. There are others that offer compatibility without the ability to download and that short list includes Full Tilt Poker

Check out some of those listings and see if anything floats your boat. If not, you may want to consider an upgrade that will open up new horizons for you and your Mac.

In order to get involved at the bulk of poker sites, you’ll need the ability to perform like a PC from your Mac. You can do this with an emulator application called Virtual PC.

This will allow you run Windows applications from your Mac complete with Windows XP.

Virtual PC is listed between $190-250 at various websites, including the Mac store.

The best advice in regards to helping create a larger Mac poker community would be persistence. Contact these online casinos and poker rooms and kindly challenge them to join the likes of the few sites that do offer Mac compatible poker.

As they see that there is a growing number of Mac users who desire to play in their rooms, they will inevitably accommodate.

Just remember, you only need one good site to become a better poker player and win some money. For winning you should follow some poker tips.

The market is saturated with players and games, and just because you might be offered quantity, there is no guarantee you’ll find quality. Within your options, find the games and rooms that best suit you, and as time passes, more opportunities will be presented in Mac friendly environments.

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