Seven-Card Stud is a stud poker variant with five betting rounds. Each player gets seven cards each, three cards face down and four faced up. The goal is to make the best possible poker hand (see hand ranking) to win the pot.

In Seven-Card Stud players post antes instead of blinds before the first cards are dealt. The player with the lowest card on Third Street has to pay an obligatory bring-in.

The size of the antes and bring-in varies a lot between different card rooms, but the standard is usually 1/10 of the big bet for antes and ½ a small bet for the bring-in. This is standard for the fixed limit structure which is the most common way Seven-Card Stud is played.

In contrary to the community card games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha, Seven-Card Stud is not played with a dealer button. This is because position is determined after each betting round.

On the first betting round it is the lowest card that acts first and on the following betting rounds it is the highest hand that makes the first move.

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